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Not pretty, but it's what I roll with :D

Who Am I?

My name is Alex Cercel, I'm a marketer, dog lover, and a full time freelance designer since 2005.

In that time I have focused mostly on direct response marketing and my eye catching response driven designs have hit top 3 on ClickBank in their categories multiple times.

Maybe you're familiar with Steve Iser's stuff? John Hostler, Ewen Chia, Alex Goad, Matthew O'Connor, Alen Sultanic, Alan Magliocca, Alvin Phang, Paul Ponna, Devid Farah, James Grandstaff and David Sinick, and the list goes on and on and on.

So, enough about me.

What about you?


Are you a product developer that
needs high quality sales page design
done right - and done quickly?


If you’re looking for persuasive, response-driven and top-notch sales copy design for your web site, or if your design is not converting as much as you believe it can, here’s how to turn more visitors into customers...

Websites designed to sell.

It's not simply a minisite...
it is your primary sales tool.
Make sure it's designed to sell.

I'm a freelance designer and sales copy formatting specialist. I generate eye catching, emotionally charged designs with razor-sharp clarity and persuasiveness for you or overhaul your existing design.

I’ve tested colors, positioning, etc to increase your chances of success because your design is based on PROVEN experience and TESTED strategies. That’s why, when marketers and business owners need converting direct response design, I am the one they turn to.

"...Thanks for some
outstanding work..."


I found your site through the Warrior Forum and loved the graphics on your main page so I thought I would give you a shot for a software box I needed.  When I went to request a quote your message indicated you would have a first draft to me by Thursday (It was early Sunday AM).

I thought, "Hey, that's decent turnaround".  You emailed me back within minutes for a couple of pieces of information.  Then I thought, "Hey, that was fast".  Next, you emailed me a first draft by the time I had woken up...a full 5 days before you said you would have it to me.

And that first draft was amazing!  I will tell anyone and everyone who asks me about graphics for their box covers, ebook covers, and cd's etc to go to you.  You totally over delivered.  Thanks for some outstanding work.

John Hostler

"...equaled an extra
$120 per day!..."

Alex does incredible work at great prices and he's always on time. I have split tested my sales conversion rates with and without graphics - Alex comes out on top every time! In fact, one graphics package increased my conversion rate by 2.5%, which equaled an extra $120 per day!

Derrick VanDyke

"... I'll send them to

Alex, You came highly recommended by the Internet Renegade and I can see why.

You have a fresh approach to designing your ecovers and site graphics that make them stand out. With just a small hint from me, you were able to come up with a fantastic design for my site - and did so very quickly and with utmost professionalism! When someone asks me to recommend a designer, I'll be sending them to BlingCovers.com

Michael Ambrosio

"...The entire team
was impressed..."

Hi Alex,

Your intuitive design skills make for a very pleasant experience. The entire team was impressed with the designs from the get go.
It's refreshing to work with a talented pro that really knows his stuff.

Alex Goad

"...You're my top
secret weapon..."

Hi Alex,

I've worked with MANY graphic designers but you're my top secret weapon for response-boosting and professional graphics. Few have the X-factor to do what you do - and that is, the CREATIVITY and inborn talent for cranking out graphics that get the sale.
Well done, and you're also great at customer service!

Ewen Chia

Imagine what my eye grabbing, high conversion, beautiful Design could do for YOUR businesss

Here’s What I Can Do For You

I specialize in creating engaging, winning and results-driven design for my clients. I will take your raw ideas and transform them into a pulsating and persuasive design also adding my own experience in the mix.

I also offer tweaking services. That means I can tweak and polish your current design and bring it to life in no time.

You know what they say about pictures being worth
1000 words, right? Have a look at a few of the
Case Studies below, which speak for themselfs.

If you'd like to see more of work, please just drop a line.

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Making Millions

For My Clients Since 2005

Converting design is about casting instant visual credibility, making a compelling statement in a persuasive tone, and engaging your viewer to act the way you want them to.

That’s why, unlike some designers who only do "what's needed", I always go the extra mile formatting your copy, dressing your content with tested visual commands, and suggesting the proper design. These are the secret tactics and psychological triggers that maximize your copy’s selling power.

My designs have topped Clickbank and I work in a broad range of niches and markets so I can help you no matter what space you sell to.

"Hey, I Want To Book
My Spot Right Away"

Great! You are serious about getting winning results for your business and you know that I can do that for you.

So, here's how we get you started.

First you'll fill in the form below so I can send you a customized quote and details on how to proceed.

Please note orders are handled on a first come first served basis. So if you want to book your spot at the top of the queue... act now.

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"What If I Have an URGENT
Deadline To Meet?"

No worries. I offer urgent services. If you have a specific turnaround or deadline, you can order my urgent service for an extra $50 - $100 depending on your project.

This places your project first in the queue.

*Please note that I can only accept urgent projects when my workload allows. In some instances I will not be able to accommodate rush delivery. This is why it is best to get started right away.


You have 2 free revisions with each order, but if for any reason you’re not pleased after the 2nd revision, I’ll keep working on your project until your 110% happy with my work.

I'm still accepting a small group of Elite product developers and marketers to work with.

If this is you, and you need premium design services to set your product or service apart from the rest, then we should talk.

Getting started is simple.

Fill out the brief form below and I can contact you to discuss your needs and get you a custom quote, tailored for you.

I look forward to working with you!




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